BACtrack S75 Pro BreathalyzerIt takes a little bit of working knowledge to understand how to use a breathalyzer correctly.  There are few things you should avoid before the test and things you should remember to do during the test.

Things To Avoid Before A Breathalyzer Test

  • First and foremost, avoid having an alcohol beverages at least 20 minutes beforehand.  The longer the better.  The residual alcohol in your saliva and throat will easily throw off your readings.
  • Avoid breath enhancers like mints, chewing gum, breath sprays, and so on.  These types of things will easily throw off breathalyzers with a semi-conductor sensor.  While fuel cell censors (professional grade) won’t be thrown off as easily, you should still avoid these items well before taking the test.
  • Avoid taking tests where there’s a lot of wind or no ventilation.  Too much wind can mess with your readings while taking the test.  Breathalyzers also need good circulation in order to clear itself for the next test.  If there’s bad air or poor circulation, it’ll take a while for your breathalyzer to warm up and be ready to use.

Using A Breathalyzer

  • If you are not the only one using the breathalyzer, try to use a mouthpiece.  You wouldn’t want someone else’s saliva being an influence on your reading.  Furthermore, it’s just much more sanitary to use one and will keep you from getting sick.  If you need mouthpieces, you can buy them for really cheap on
  • Press the start button so that the breathalyzer can prepare itself for your test.  Remember to be in a well ventilated area.
  • Blow as soon as the device tells you to blow.  Any delay in your blow can also throw off your readings.
  • Maintain a long, steady blow until the breathalyzer signals you to stop.
  • Wait a moment for the result, it usually takes under 30 seconds.

If you’re over .08, be sure to have someone’s number to call so you can be picked up.   Or have taxi numbers on hand so that you can be driven home safely.

If you’re looking for a good professional breathalyzer, we recommend the BACtrack Select S80 or the BACtrack S75 Pro.

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