Portable Breathalyzer TestPurchasing a breathalyzer of your own probably isn’t very important to a lot of people.  We tend to be very cocky with how well we can get away with things, like driving after having a few drinks.  We often have this self talk that speaks to us and says, “You won’t get pulled over for a DUI” or “I won’t get into accident” until it finally happens.  This is dangerous and you should have methods in place to prevent yourself from driving.  One of the most powerful ways is having a portable breathalyzer.  Here’s how it’ll stop you from driving.

Keeping True To Yourself

Alcohol is excellent at lowering your inhibitions and decision-making ability.  It gives you this strong sense of self confidence that doesn’t really exist.  I don’t know how many times I’ve walked out of a bar thinking that I was completely fine with my keys in hand.  It was only when I started driving that I realized that I could be in trouble.   So what did I do?  I purchased a breathalyzer (I recommend the BACtrack S75 Pro) and I started to give myself regular breathalyzer tests any time I went out.  I made it a routine.  There’s something powerful behind seeing that BAC on an LCD screen showing you that you’re over the limit.  You begin to second guess yourself and think about different options of getting home.  It’s very powerful.

Put The Portable Breathalyzer In A Place Where You Can See It

This way, it serves a good reminder that you should give yourself a breathalyzer test before you put the keys in the ignition.  Eventually you’ll form this sense of guilt if you don’t test yourself like you would have previously.  It’s the only guilt I know that could save your life.  Now, keep in mind that states have different laws regarding what qualifies as a DUI and what doesn’t.  Where I live, all you have to do is put the keys in the ignition, and you could get yourself in trouble.

Think About Your Loved Ones

This is not a joke.  If you’re a habitual drunk driver, try putting up a couple pictures in your car of people that you love.  Stick them on the dash so that it’s easy for you to see them.  What would they want you to do in a situation where you’re too drunk to drive?

Use It To Stop Others From Driving

I’ve been to a couple parties where someone whipped out their portable breathalyzer.  Everyone started taking turns on it.  It was like who could get the high score, which is particularly dangerous.  This is not what I’m encouraging you to do.  Although, if you’re at a party, and notice someone is too drunk to drive, take out your portable breathalyzer and have them do a test.  Present it as something fun to do.  It’ll let you know whether you should be active in keeping them away from the wheel.

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