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What To Avoid Before Using Your Breathalyzer

BACtrack S75 Pro BreathalyzerIt takes a little bit of working knowledge to understand how to use a breathalyzer correctly.  There are few things you should avoid before the test and things you should remember to do during the test.

Things To Avoid Before A Breathalyzer Test

  • First and foremost, avoid having an alcohol beverages at least 20 minutes beforehand.  The longer the better.  The residual alcohol in your saliva and throat will easily throw off your readings.
  • Avoid breath enhancers like mints, chewing gum, breath sprays, and so on.  These types of things will easily throw off breathalyzers with a semi-conductor sensor.  While fuel cell censors (professional grade) won’t be thrown off as easily, you should still avoid these items well before taking the test.
  • Avoid taking tests where there’s a lot of wind or no ventilation.  Too much wind can mess with your readings while taking the test.  Breathalyzers also need good circulation in order to clear itself for the next test.  If there’s bad air or poor circulation, it’ll take a while for your breathalyzer to warm up and be ready to use.

Using A Breathalyzer

  • If you are not the only one using the breathalyzer, try to use a mouthpiece.  You wouldn’t want someone else’s saliva being an influence on your reading.  Furthermore, it’s just much more sanitary to use one and will keep you from getting sick.  If you need mouthpieces, you can buy them for really cheap on
  • Press the start button so that the breathalyzer can prepare itself for your test.  Remember to be in a well ventilated area.
  • Blow as soon as the device tells you to blow.  Any delay in your blow can also throw off your readings.
  • Maintain a long, steady blow until the breathalyzer signals you to stop.
  • Wait a moment for the result, it usually takes under 30 seconds.

If you’re over .08, be sure to have someone’s number to call so you can be picked up.   Or have taxi numbers on hand so that you can be driven home safely.

If you’re looking for a good professional breathalyzer, we recommend the BACtrack Select S80 or the BACtrack S75 Pro.

Breathalyzer For Sale – Which Should You Get?

Looking for the best breathalyzer for sale?  You’ve come to the right place.  First, I’d like to direct you to my Top 5 Breathalyzers list.  This is a ranked list that I put together that takes into consideration breathalyzer accuracy, features, and how much value you will get for your money.

After you’ve taken a look at that list, it’d also be a good idea to check out this post: Popular Breathalyzers For Sale.  This post compares all the professional breathalyzers that are being bought the most by consumers like you and I.

If you’re truly looking for a good breathalyzer for sale where you can get a good deal, I would start with the following three breathalyzers.

BACtrack S75 Pro Breathalyzer

BACtrack S75 Pro BreathalyzerThe S75 Pro is one of BACtrack’s more popular breathalyzers.  It’s not as expensive as their most professional model (BACtrack Select S80), and it has all the same important features that you need.  This model utilizes a fuel cell technology that is a lot more accurate than older semi-conductor models.  Fuel cell’s allow for more consistent accurate readings while semi-conductors can be thrown off easily by things like chewing gum.

What I really like a lot about this breathalyzer is that it has a front facing mouth piece.  Like most breathalyzers, it will perform a count down after you press the button in order to tell you when it’s safe to blow.  Since the mouth piece is right in front of you, you can blow right away without having to turn the entire breathalyzer.  This is nice because delay can throw off your reading.

AlcoHAWK PT500 Breathalyzer

AlcoHAWK PT500 BreathalyzerAlcoHAWK is another big player in the breathalyzer market.  Their professional breathalyzers are definitely made with good quality.  Their PT500 model is a good example of that.  This model also uses the fuel cell technology for consistently accurate readings.

This breathalyzer has a couple interesting features to point out.  It has a warning level alert that will sound off if you are about the .08 BAC legal limit.  It also has a pressure scanner to ensure that you blow hard enough.  If you don’t, you’ll have to blow again.  It also has a counter to show you how many tests you’ve taken.  This model is definitely one of the best breathalyzers for sale.

BreathKey Keychain Breathalyzer

BreathKey Breathalyzer - The Digital Keychain Breath Alcohol Tester with Professional FeaturesThis breathalyzer is impressive for its size.  I wanted to recommend it because of how accurate it is for a breathalyzer that you can attach to your keychain.  Like the other professional breathalyzers, it uses the fuel cell technology more accurate readings.

While it doesn’t have some more of the fancy features, it is very light and compact.  It gets the job done well and we highly recommend it so you can have a breathalyzer with you that won’t get in the way when you go out.

Portable Breathalyzer TestPurchasing a breathalyzer of your own probably isn’t very important to a lot of people.  We tend to be very cocky with how well we can get away with things, like driving after having a few drinks.  We often have this self talk that speaks to us and says, “You won’t get pulled over for a DUI” or “I won’t get into accident” until it finally happens.  This is dangerous and you should have methods in place to prevent yourself from driving.  One of the most powerful ways is having a portable breathalyzer.  Here’s how it’ll stop you from driving.

Keeping True To Yourself

Alcohol is excellent at lowering your inhibitions and decision-making ability.  It gives you this strong sense of self confidence that doesn’t really exist.  I don’t know how many times I’ve walked out of a bar thinking that I was completely fine with my keys in hand.  It was only when I started driving that I realized that I could be in trouble.   So what did I do?  I purchased a breathalyzer (I recommend the BACtrack S75 Pro) and I started to give myself regular breathalyzer tests any time I went out.  I made it a routine.  There’s something powerful behind seeing that BAC on an LCD screen showing you that you’re over the limit.  You begin to second guess yourself and think about different options of getting home.  It’s very powerful.

Put The Portable Breathalyzer In A Place Where You Can See It

This way, it serves a good reminder that you should give yourself a breathalyzer test before you put the keys in the ignition.  Eventually you’ll form this sense of guilt if you don’t test yourself like you would have previously.  It’s the only guilt I know that could save your life.  Now, keep in mind that states have different laws regarding what qualifies as a DUI and what doesn’t.  Where I live, all you have to do is put the keys in the ignition, and you could get yourself in trouble.

Think About Your Loved Ones

This is not a joke.  If you’re a habitual drunk driver, try putting up a couple pictures in your car of people that you love.  Stick them on the dash so that it’s easy for you to see them.  What would they want you to do in a situation where you’re too drunk to drive?

Use It To Stop Others From Driving

I’ve been to a couple parties where someone whipped out their portable breathalyzer.  Everyone started taking turns on it.  It was like who could get the high score, which is particularly dangerous.  This is not what I’m encouraging you to do.  Although, if you’re at a party, and notice someone is too drunk to drive, take out your portable breathalyzer and have them do a test.  Present it as something fun to do.  It’ll let you know whether you should be active in keeping them away from the wheel.

Portable Breathalyzer & The Benefits

BreathKey Breathalyzer - The Digital Keychain Breath Alcohol Tester with Professional Features

BreathKey Breathalyzer

Since 1938, the portable breathalyzer or drunkometer as it was called at the time, has been used by law enforcement to curb drunken driving.  Since 1954, the first practical breathalyzer was used by people to find out whether they are fit to drive or not after a round of drinking alcohol.  Ever since the portable breathalyzers became smaller and even easier to use, they are being used everywhere where blood alcohol content is in dispute.

Here is a list of popular breathalyzers being sold on for some great prices.

Probably the only difference between a portable breathalyzer in 1938 and 1954 and the modern ones are the way alcohol is detected and measured. The earliest types of portable breathalyzers use a chemical reaction to show the amount of alcohol whereas the latest versions of the portable breathalyzer use what’s called a ‘fuel cell’ reactor to detect the amount of alcohol and measure its amount. The way it’s detected has also undergone a big change in the sense that in the fuel cell reactor, the amount of alcohol generates electricity that’s proportional to its amount.

Portable Breathalyzers Today…

Are very small as well, with some models being so small that you can attach it to a keychain and keep it in your pocket while the rest of the brands and models are small enough to put in a purse or handbag.

BACtrack Select S80 Breathalyzer Professional Edition

BACtrack Select S80 Breathalyzer Professional Edition

All modern portable breathalyzers have one thing in common in that it gives a readout of the amount of alcohol in percentage by volume and the legal limit on how much alcohol that you can take is 0.08%. Not to say that most modern portable breathalyzers are very accurate, but if you follow the instructions in the manual, you will get a fairly accurate reading that may be on par with the calibrated readings of the portable breathalyzers the police usually use.

Most portable breathalyzers do have a lifespan in which you can take readings, though. For most portable breathalyzers, you can take 200 to 300 readings before you may need to take it back to the manufacturer for recalibration. Remember that anything that’s used over and over will wear down eventually and portable breathalyzers are no exception. Not even the human body is exempted to this rule.

Bactrack Element Professional Digital Breathalyzer with Fuel Cell Technology

Bactrack Element Professional Digital Breathalyzer

The function of the recalibration is to return the portable breathalyzer to its original factory condition with regards to its fuel cell reactor. Think of it as its periodic maintenance schedule and the manufacturer may charge you for the recalibration. Unfortunately sending the unit back is the only way to have it recalibrated since the manufacturer has the technology to recalibrate its products, as there is no known service center for these products anywhere, unlike computers.

Like most other electronic equipment, portable breathalyzers need to have a power source to power itself. With most models, replaceable batteries are used but there are also models that have unserviceable batteries and must be sent back to the manufacturer when you need it for recalibration or when the internal batteries refuse to charge.

Portable breathalyzers offer another way to know how much alcohol you have drank and with some people, how fast their bodies metabolize alcohol after ingesting it. Research, I guess. Regardless of what use you have with a portable breathalyzer, it’s another way for you to avoid getting stopped for a DUI after drinking.

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How To Buy A Personal Breathalyzer

Bactrack Element Professional Digital Breathalyzer with Fuel Cell Technology

Bactrack Element Professional Digital Breathalyzer

When buying a personal breathalyzer, most people often refer to a known brand or model, or the brand that’s most often reviewed or talked about. But that’s not our only concern when buying a breathalyzer. There are other things besides the information that’s often seen that may be more important that you may be interested in.

This is a guide that will give you hints when you’re thinking of purchasing your own personal breathalyzer, for personal or entertainment purposes. The breathalyzer is, in more ways than one, a life saver.  And even if you don’t take its readings seriously, it gives you a guideline on what to do in any event that you see yourself in a situation where you or someone you know needs to drive but have doubts as to whether you or they are legally allowed to.

Here is a list of popular breathalyzers being sold on for great prices.

BACtrack Select S80 Breathalyzer Professional Edition

BACtrack Select S80 Breathalyzer Professional Edition

So how do you choose a personal breathalyzer?

For some it’s as easy as going to an online seller and picking the most expensive brand. But is it really that simple? Technically, yes but it makes for a better use of your judgment to look at all the brands regardless of the price, from a lot of online sellers, take a look at the features, the presentation, the accessories and maybe even a few other nitpicky stuff that comes with it.

But the most important thing to consider when looking for information on how to buy a personal breathalyzer are what actual people who have purchased it will say about it. This may determine what brand or model you will eventually buy.

But there is a thing about the customer reviews that really you shouldn’t take as serious as some people think. Will you buy a newly marketed brand but it has no reviews yet? Or will you stick with something better known because of its reviews? The adventurous will say that it’s worth it, with them being adventurous and all, they’re correct. But for those who don’t want to get a ‘lemon’, so to speak, they might hold off until there are more people who are willing say something about that brand or model.

AlcoMate Breathalyzer

AlcoMate Breathalyzer

It all depends on how you plan to buy a personal breathalyzer that will determine what brand or model you want to purchase. For people who are paranoid or afraid for the driver’s state of intoxication or has a bad DUI record, the reason is clear enough that merits the continued use of a more expensive and precise breathalyzer. If it’s for party use or just making sure the designated driver is really sober, a cheaper version can be purchased.

Buying personal breathalyzer, for entertainment or serious personal safety is not easy these days, but more and more people find it among the necessary things that they need to own. So, research the brand and model that you may need to use, where it’s found (or where to buy it), what people have to say about the particular brand/model that you plan to buy and if there are other viable and cheaper alternatives. Last but not the least, consider your budget.

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Breathalyzer Keychains And Their Benefits

BreathKey Breathalyzer - The Digital Keychain Breath Alcohol Tester with Professional Features

BreathKey Breathalyzer - Click for more info

Breathalyzer keychains are just one of the types of breathalyzers that are available in the market today. Although small, they nonetheless offer the same precision, to a certain extent to that of its bigger brethren.

The biggest advantage to a breathalyzer keychain is the apparent size of the entire unit. Most brands that offer a breathalyzer keychain are not bigger than a car remote. In most instances you can place it on a keychain as you would a normal car alarm remote.

Here is a list of popular breathalyzer keychains that are currently being sold on

But there are subtle differences in models from brand to brand. There are models of breathalyzer keychains that use what is called a ‘semiconductor’ reactor instead of a fuel cell reactor, which is more precise.  Then there are models that use light indicators instead of an LCD screen to display the BAC. These are often the cheapest models that you can buy and may be used as an entertainment piece to liven up parties or get together and must not be taken seriously.

Breath Alcohol Analyzer AlcoHAWK Slim Breathalyzer

Breath Alcohol Analyzer AlcoHAWK Slim Breathalyzer - Click for more info

The other types of breathalyzer keychain are much more expensive for their size. These use non replaceable batteries, use an LCD display screen and most important of all, use a very small amount of the fuel cell reactor to read the alcohol level in your breath. Just like the bigger version of the breathalyzers, these types of breathalyzer keychain must also be sent back to the manufacturer for recalibration after a specific period of time, as indicated in the owner’s manual.

And just like the bigger breathalyzers, these types of breathalyzer keychain are quite intelligent and precise.  It knows if you blew too strong or too weak and its batteries reportedly last for years. The only question mark is the quality of the fuel cell that these breathalyzer keychains use and how good it was made in order to avoid having wrong reading at any time.

BreathKey Breathalyzer - The Digital Keychain Breath Alcohol Tester with Professional Features

BreathKey Breathalyzer - Click for more info

There are also questions on how well the unit was made in general. If you accidentally drop the breathalyzer keychain, it may not survive the fall. This aspect of the breathalyzer keychain will surface when you do research on these brands by reading customer reviews on it.

Although quality is a major consideration when looking for breathalyzer keychains, the price for one of these gadgets should also dictate what type of technology they use. The cheapest ones normally use the ‘semiconductor’ reader while the more expensive breathalyzer keychains use the fuel cell reactor.

You only need to take a good look at what the device uses when shopping for these breathalyzer keychain in order to buy the best one for you. You may also need to visit other online stores in order to see if they sell the same model, from the same brand at a much cheaper price than any other online store.

Probably the last thing that you need to consider is the warranty that the manufacturer is offering for buying one of their products. Try to compare warranties from different companies and pick the best valued one for your needs, in the long run you will save more money than if you picked a cheap throwaway model.

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About Alcohol Breathalyzers

BACtrack Select S80 Breathalyzer Professional Edition

BACtrack Select S80 Breathalyzer Professional Edition - Click for more info

If you drive, it’s common sense not to drink, but unfortunately as human beings we have that sense of being able to do it under any circumstances. Drinking is also a big habit of humans as a species because drinking mixes well with socializing with each other.

As a result, drinking and driving are usually at the root of most automobile accidents. We all know that alcohol will impair the brain’s ability to respond to any stimuli. By the time someone tells you that you’re too drunk to drive, you won’t acknowledge it unless you’re stopped by the police when it’s too late.

Prevent this situation by buying one of the popular breathalyzers on  They have quality ones for low prices.

Being apprehended by the police on a DUI charge is not cheap. Not only are you required to pay the fine or penalty for the charge, you also might be forced to stay in jail for a reasonable amount of time. You may also be required to do community service and worse, the stigma of having a DUI charge on your record is big. The police will know from here on end that you were caught in a DUI or DWI which doesn’t bode well for your reputation.

Now having said that, how will you know by yourself that you can’t drive when you drink? Since most people nowadays know the legal limit on the amount of alcohol that you can drink and still drive safely, you can automatically give your car keys to the person assigned to drive who has had no alcohol. This was what people used to do when they go out for a night of drinking before technology was used to figure out your BAC or Blood Alcohol Content.

Bactrack Element Professional Digital Breathalyzer with Fuel Cell Technology

Bactrack Element Professional Digital - Click for more info Breathalyzer

BAC is what is now being used to find out if you’re legally allowed to drive a car or not.  So what is an alcohol breathalyzer? Simply put, it’s a machine or a piece of equipment that measures alcohol content in your breath. By volume, the legal limit on drinking is 0.08%.

Advancements in miniaturization have done wonders for technology. Not only are companies able to downsize almost anything, the capabilities of these small devices are exponentially getting higher. There are other ways to detect alcohol in the blood other than the usual alcohol breathalyzer test. There used to be a chemical based test that does the same thing as the alcohol breathalyzer but it needs human intervention to interpret the results. It was invented way back in 1938 and was affectionately called the ‘Drunkometer’ by Dr. Rolla Harger from the Indiana University and superceded by  Dr. Robert Borkenstein with his proper alcohol breathalyzer.

Although the first alcohol breathalyzer was useable during that time, it was still a chemical tool that needed humans to interpret the results. The next big step in the development of the modern alcohol breathalyzer was in the form of the fuel cell alcohol breathalyzer. This type of alcohol breathalyzer uses an electrochemical reactor that produces an electric current that’s proportional to the amount of alcohol in the blood. The complexity of these modern devices necessitate the use of mcu or microcontrollers to get an effective reading.  These are very electronically complex and programmable ICs or integrated circuits that can do a multitude of functions depending on the program that was installed on these IC chips.

AlcoHAWK PT500 Breathalyzer

AlcoHAWK PT500 Breathalyzer - Click for more info

Along the lines of the fuel cell alcohol breathalyzer, there is still yet another type of device that can read your BAC or blood alcohol content but it does not use a fuel cell reactor. It uses infrared spectroscopy to read the amount of alcohol in the blood. This is similar to shining a light in your skin and reading the return of the light that bounces back from it. This reflected light differs from each and every molecule that shines on it, much like the way NASA determines the composition of the atmosphere from the various extra solar planets that they have discovered so far.

All in all, alcohol breathalyzer allows you to make an informed decision on your driving if you have been drinking, without having to physically check whether you’re sober enough to drive to just hand over the keys to the designated driver after the drinking session is over.

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